With our product under the heading APPOLLO (APP = APPlication APPOLLON), which belongs to the collection of products under the name GRAECIAE MIRACULA ( WONDERS OF GREECE), our company aims to promote the cultural heritage of Greeks and particularly the ancient monument of Epikourios Appollo.

Τhe APPOLLO is “combination mobile phone application” with  “virtual reality display device” designed by Google.

The competitive advantage of our product is multiple :
1. It is innovative and unique in the market.
2. Combines glasses a technological mobile application.
3. The application contains a precise modeling of the temple of Epikourios
4. It presents the temple of Epikourios Appollo in the original form.
5. It is easy to use and
6. Valuable, especially for people with disabilities
7. Supervision of construction has the internationally renowned archeology professor , Mr .
Vasilios Lambrinoudakis.