For Android

Installation and Operating Manual for Android

The application is Android Software (Versions 4.4.1+ ).

It is only compatible with Android mobile software available magnetometer and gyroscope.

To install the application on your mobile, follow the steps below :

1. To install the application :
Scan the qr code, which located on the top side of the projector (NOT the QR code with the Cardboard logo)
In any case , follow the instructions on the screen of your mobile.

2. Install the application “Google Cardboard” from the Google Play Store.

3. “Run” the application Google Cardboard and when prompted scan the QR code at the top of the projector. Close Google Cardboard application

4. Launch the application Appollo and browse the Temple of Epikourios Appollo, one of the most important and most imposing temples of antiquity and the Unesco World Heritage Site.

5. Choose your language from the top right corner of the screen.

6. Press START and enjoy the sophisticated virtual reality experience offered by Epeikon

7. During your tour you start and stop tour ( walking ) instant downloading and then releasing to your display device magnetic button.

8. Points of interest are scattered on the browser environment as a circular light blue icons

9. Focusing on a circular icon, will change color to yellow and instant downloading and then releasing to magnetic button on the projector you open the Information tab.

10. To advance to the next or previous tab in focus with right / left arrow buttons below the text ( where applicable ) and instant download after release to your display device magnetic button . The tab closes focusing on image and instant downloading and then releasing it to a magnetic button.

Note: You can select the amount of information that appears in the bar beneath the START button.