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DIAZOMA Cultural Pogramme


EPEIKON Virtual Cultural Company

Ours is a cultural company. ‘Cultural companies produce, project and distribute cultural products for wider consumption, such as books, magazines, newspapers, films, TV series, software applications of cultural content (educational or recreational CD ROM, digital exhibits in museums or on the Internet, etc), music CDs, mp3, etc and many other products.’


Our company produces ‘virtual reality glasses’ combined with a ‘mobile phone app’ for a guide in archaeological sites (Temple Of Apollo Epikourios, in Vasses, Arkadia).


The main aim of ourcompany (EP = Apollo EPikourios, ΕΙΚΟΝ = using pictures) is to highlight and relate certain monuments and ancient sites of the past to the present cultural and economic life and encourage the projection of our culture to people who are unable to visit such sites around the world.


With our products, which use software-brainchild of the members of our company, we create a new form of culture, designed by young people for people of all ages.


It is our company’s belief that people should be informedabout the ancient monuments of our country as well as modern art galleries, so as to strengthen the feeling for the citizens of Europe, that they share a common cultural heritage.

This way, we will help promote the contact between cultures and, at the same time, help reinforce cultural tourism, which so greatly contributes to the economic development of our country and all European countries as well.


We are also trying to invent new ways, using technology, to help disabled people to visit even the remotest monuments and,using virtual digital reality, to see them in close.


These are «our beliefs» and values.


With these emblems, we aim at preserving ancient Greek monuments through time.


As N.Kazantzakis said, when he looked at the Temple of Apollo Epikourios for the first time:

‘In this place, ancient art takes you by surprise-in a silent way, from a human path, it helps you reach the top without panting…’ 


Our company’s motto is: ‘All together for a new culture, a culture created by modern technology’.



Our future plans:

  1. Applications for a guided visit to archaeological sites and monuments.
  2. Applications for a guided visit to museums.
  3. Applications-Games for children, a guided visit to monuments and other places of cultural interest, in a fun yet educational way.